Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Head for the Hills!

Hi folks!

Tonight we'll meet at the track at @ 6pm and then we'll head for the hills for a little strength training...something a little different!

Hill Resistance Training - focus on Speed and Power

( For those training for marathons, the other days of the week should be fill with longer slow runs, or general aerobic runs to develop your marathon conditioning.)

- > Warm up 10 to 15 minutes.

-> Then some dynamic stretch and form drills focusing on increase range of motion.

-> 3 sets of sprints on straight way (optional)

-> Then we head over to the hill for Lydiad style hill circuit training. This is different from traditional hill training (say @5K effort).

One word to focus on: Springing.(yes, it's Springing as opposed to "Sprinting", so form is of greater important than speed)

One graph for this hill training you will have in mind is attached. Please note this hill running form, by no way, resembles the form you should have trying to run fast as during the race. I will explain more details to those interested.

There are a few benefits from this hill circuit training:

Develop white muscle fibers (fast twitch);
Stretch muscle and tendons and enhance ankle flexibility;
Develop good running technique, high knees, thus more economical running style.

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